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This weekend I had the opportunity to attend the opening night of The Great Moscow Circus under the Big Top at Suncoast Casino.

I absolutely love circuses (ones with no animals!), they’re one of my favourite things. So of course, I was first in line, jumping up and down with excitement when I heard that The Great Moscow Circus was coming to town! I’ve been to my fair share of circuses (as I say, they’re my favourite!), so by now I really expect to see something great. Something different to the usual red-nosed, juggling clown with a tear on his cheek. I want to see something that makes me think “WOW, I wish I could do that!” Or leave me wondering for days how on earth a trick was done! Well… The Great Moscow Circus did NOT disappoint! In fact, I sat through the entire performance in complete awe. The performers were all of a world class standard and their acts were just mind blowing.

The Ringmaster
The Ringmaster

It was off to a good start with Mr Stanislav Knyazkov, the very charismatic Ringmaster who had us laughing before he even said a word. It went from there to a contortionist AKA The Rubber Man (Emin Abudllaev), who is able to put his body into positions that shouldn’t be humanly possible, awe-inspiring acrobats, dare-devil bikers, hilarious clowns with witty antics and remarkable tricks to keep you entertained between prop changes as well as clever audience participation opportunities.  Sixto & Lucia keept us entertained with their Quick Change Transformation act where they change their outfits in the blink of an eye (it still has me reeling!) this is followed by an incredible balancing act that will have you biting your nails and wondering how on earth he even came up with the idea to attempt it! There was juggling (not the usual type) and skipping like you’ve never seen! All in all, they had me on the edge of my seat with bated breath, at times so captivated that I couldn’t even clap!

How many motorbikes do you think can be ridden in one metal ball cage? I won’t tell, it’s something you actually have to see to believe!

The Globe of Death
The Globe of Death

What a fun night! Such a memorable show put on by artists that are so passionate about what they do that they had me wanting to go out and learn some tricks so I could run away with them!

Editors Notes for the Durban show: Parking is ample (the Big Top is located on the far left once you enter Suncoast. Refreshments are on sale and they have porter-loo facilities. The seating area is quite intimate from front to back rows, and so if you were to get seats which are further back we feel you will still get a great show. Seats are plastic, and we found them to be a bit uncomfy so we would recommend bringing a cushion if you don’t want a numb bum!

Show runs in Durban at Suncoast until the 22nd April, tickets range from R195 – R595, to get yours click here.

Show in Jozi runs from 31 March to 9 April at Carnival City, tickets range from R195 – R595, to get yours click here.

Photos: Taken from The Great Moscow Circus website

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